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Shayan Gohar Sahand Company in 2007 with the help of God Almighty and also benefiting from the experiences of managers and experienced experts and being equipped with chemical and microbial laboratories with precise and advanced equipment and obtaining all health and standard licenses to enter the field of production In its first year of production, it was able to create employment for 41 people in the first step, and now the number of staff is more than 100 people.

In 1995, this company was selected as one of the top companies in terms of exports, quality, employment of manpower and equipment, and intelligent use of the company’s assets in the northwestern region of the country. Excellent production and packaging equipment has been able to offer a variety of cake products to domestic and foreign markets. Among the unique products of this company is mini roll cake, which has been exported to foreign countries for the first time in Iran with a high production tonnage, Other products such as butter and icing cakes, layered sponge cakes and roulette. And thanks to the efforts of the research and development unit, the company continuously offers its new products to domestic and foreign markets.

Also, in order to develop and grow domestic and especially foreign markets, the company has established phase 2 of Shayan Gohar Sahand Company to produce various types of biscuits, wafers and cakes with a capacity of 6,000 tons, and its construction operations have achieved up to 68% physical progress. And to take effective steps in order to create suitable employment and follow the menus of the Supreme Leader in the year of resistance economy of production and employment.

Quality Policy

The company’s policy is to gain the satisfaction of customers and consumers, and in order to improve the quality, it has implemented a quality system and has succeeded in obtaining ISO 9001 certification. Shayan Gohar Sahand Company by obtaining valid standards and manufacturing licenses for its brands called Yayla and one and four (4 & 1) and useful for all types of cakes including (Swiss roll, layered, chocolate coated cake, family cake, cup Cakes, cocoa cakes, two-color cocoa cakes, wet cakes and mini roulette cakes, which are produced for the first time by Shayan Gohar Sahand Company, have been able to gain a suitable position in the export and domestic markets.

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